email2sms - an e-mail to SMS filter

email2sms is a filter written in Perl which converts an e-mail into a compressed form suitable for sending as an SMS message. It's intended for use with procmail, but you could easily use it in other ways.

Please note that it does not provide any mechanism for actually sending the SMS message; it only generates a message appropriate for being sent. You will need to use some sort of internet (web or e-mail) to SMS gateway to actually send the message. You'll have to find the appropriate gateway on your own, I'm afraid, since finding one is dependent on which country you're in and which phone network you use. There are also various tools available for using these gateways easier. Several UNIX-based ones can be found on freshmeat, and here is a Windows-based one. Please don't ask me for advice on gateways; unless it is directly relevant to email2sms in some way, I'll probably just ignore it.

There is already a good program out there called mail2sms, which does exactly this, so why on earth did I write this program?

Two reasons:



So what does the typical output look like? Something like this (the line breaks wouldn't appear on your mobile):

comp.lang.perl.announce moderator$[thiIsAutmtedMsgFromPrlScript.]/Postng

Can you understand that? It was an automated message from when I submitted something to comp.lang.perl.announce. With a bit of practice, and a quick read of the documentation for Lingua::EN::Squeeze, you'll be surprised how much you can squeeze into one or two SMS messages and still understand enough of it for it to be useful.


You can download any of the following:

See the INSTALL file for installation instructions.


As with all my software, all suggestions / bug reports / patches (unified or context diff only please) are very welcome; please contact me by e-mail.

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