Adam's software

Here's some of the software I've written. It's mostly UNIX-oriented, although some of the stuff written in Perl / Ruby / Python / shell should be portable to most platforms.

Puzzled as to why I'm giving these all away for free? It's because I strongly believe in Free Software. (You may have heard it referred to Open Source. Read my free software page to find out more.)


Just like everyone else I have to make a living. The seeming contradiction between this and Free Software can be solved with a Gift Economy or by working for a cool company that "gets it". I did plan to set up an account with affero or similar, but I ended up being far shorter of time than money, so this probably won't ever happen.

Software I still use

If I still use it regularly, chances are I'll fix bugs and provide support fairly promptly... if you can get past the mounds of spam I receive, that is :-(

Software I no longer use

I don't use the following any more, at least not regularly, so they'll be less well supported.

Obsolete hacks

These are better forgotten about.

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